Our oils and paints are maintainable, i.e., surfaces treated with them stay durable and fine with simple maintenance measures without having to redo the work from the beginning.

Our oils

are linseed oil from which the non-drying ingredients have been removed with our unique refining method.

We produce oils with optimal viscosity and drying time for respectively impregnation of wood, polishing of wood, protection of porous stone, rust protection and for binder in our linseed oil paints.
They penetrate the substrate and dry quickly through a reaction with the oxygen in the air to linoxyn, a natural polymer with excellent adhesion. They are non-biodegradable, waterrepellent and resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids.

Our linseed oil paints

dry excellently, are rich, durable and mould resistant.

We produce primer and topcoats, half sheen and semi-gloss, white and tinting bases for tinting to the desired colours on modern machines which use our tinting system.

The paints contain a lot of pigment - a brushstroke of paint covers a large area. The viscosity of the paint is nevertheless optimal as the pigment is extremely finely divided.
The binder - linseed oil refined with our unique method - allows the paint to be painted with a light hand to covering coats that dry excellently, are durable and mould resistant.